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*Japanese election and political families
**[[Cinii]] with pdf
-自民党派閥と政治家族 : 出世民主主義の危機 
依田 博 Since mid-seventies, a number of the Diet members, especialy LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) Diet members, recruited from 'political families' has gradually increased. On the 39th General Election in 1 …
-政党派閥の比較研究 : その予備的考察
The Comparative Study of Political Factions : Some Preliminary Observations
村上 信一郎
Murakami Shinichiro
Department of International Relations
Journal of College of International Studies  3  pp.27-41 19870301  [目次] 
-派閥連合組織, リーダーシップ, 分裂回避の戦術自民党の場合 
依田 博 
In this paper, I discuss the possibility applying the organizational model to analize coalitions within Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). The crisis for LDP has been brought about through struggling for … 
社会・経済システム   (4), 24-29 ,19861101
-Japanese Articles of journals and magazines
**Japane Knowledge プラス
-Includes these resources
--dictionaries (Japanese, English-Japanese and Japanese-English) 
--the Nihon dai hyakka zensho (Nipponica), a full text 30 vol. encyclopedia
--two dictionaries of current words: Imidas and Gendai yogo no kiso chishiki 
--a biographical dictionary: Nihon jinmei daijiten, the JK Who's Who 
--the Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan 
--a news database (NNA) that covers Asia and the European Union 
--a full-text journal: Shukan ekonomisuto 
--Edo meisho zukai 
--full-text of books in the Toyo bunko series 
--chronologies (world history, Japan by period, Japan by prefecture, science, culture, society,daily life, social movements, economics and for individuals)
--Eizo kiroku (moving image archive) 
--URL database 
--books in print database
**Other Overseas English database on Rikkyo
**[[Japan Center for Asian Historical Records]]
-Resource from
--The National Archives of Japan
--The Diplomatic Record Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
--The Library of The National Institute for Defense Studies of the Ministry of Defense
**Google Scholar Jp